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How long does it take to get a custom portrait done?

It takes me between 3-6 weeks more or less to have the artwork ready to review, depending on the number of pets and my waiting list. 

How many pictures do you need?


After you purchase you can send me as many pictures as you want so we can choose together the best ones.

It's easier and faster if you message me on my FB page

What kind of images do you need?

You don't need a professional camera, phone pictures are usually good enough!

Here are some tips to get a nice photo of your pet with your smartphone.

1. Close-ups, outdoor or good natural light, no portrait mode, no filters, edits, or cropped pictures work better.
2. It's best if you crouch down when taking the photo so you're at their level!
3. It would be better if your pet is sitting or standing, although I also work with photos of them lying down it is not that common!
4. In the case of rabbits or ferrets, it is best to have close full body photos.
5. If you have an old photo, don't worry, send it to me to let you know if I can work with it. The better the photo you send me, the better the result, but that doesn't mean I can't work with the old ones.

Do I have the option to review the portrait before you get the final file or the canvas?

Yes, you have the option to ask me for any changes on the background unlimited times and basic changes on the main pictures and I only print the canvases after your approval. Customer satisfaction is my top priority!

How do I print my products?

I work with a special service for artists around the world that is in charge of printing and shipping my products, they have partners around the world so shipment origin depends on my customer's location.

I did extensive research before deciding which company to trust my designs to be printed with since I wanted to ensure that the products' quality fits and reflects the quality, colors, and nature of my artwork.

They make it easy for me to concentrate on just designing the portraits

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