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Help Lola, the Loving Angel! 🐾

Dear compassionate friends, Lola, the beloved furry companion of My Daughter, needs your help!

She's suffering from a painful uterus condition, and the doctors recommend a crucial surgery to ease her pain, she’s in pain especially during menstruation. Lola's discomfort is evident as she shakes and walks cautiously when she feels pain.

Lola is more than just a pet; She was born in our home and over time became an exceptional emotional support for my Daughter, who has been battling blindness for four years, recovering her vision with Lola by her side. Losing Lola would be devastating for my Daughter.

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LoliLoli 5.jpg

I am daring to reach out to ask for your support by purchasing a custom pet portrait from TinyMindsArt with a 25% off.

Your purchase would not only bring you joy with a beautiful piece of art, but it would also help my Daughter afford Lola's surgery, keeping them together for a longer period of time. And to prevent my Daughter from losing the light Lola brings into her life.

You can help Lola simply by donating through this link, Any amount would be received with heartfelt gratitude.

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Thank you for taking the time to read this story. Your kindness can make a lasting impact on their happiness and well-being. I promise I will post updates on Lolita's status after we reach the amount we need so that she can have the surgery. Here's a picture of Lola after eating her favorite fruit, Mango!

Much Love to you!

- Lola and her devoted human family.

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LoliLoli 6.jpg

 Baby Lola 

In the video below, we took her to the doctor because she couldn't breathe and that's when they did several tests and found the problem in her uterus and her kidneys. regarding her kidney problems, she can live on a special diet. But when it comes to her uterus issue, she needs surgery as soon as possible. Her last menstruation got more painful for Lola, she was bleeding a lot more than normal, it needs to be taken care of, better sooner than later. It is heartbreaking to see her in such a challenging situation.

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